Val-Morin, QC

Code of conduct

In nearly 80% of injuries occurring in ski resorts, the injured skiers and snowboarders admit their own responsibility. These mistakes may be due to a lack of skill or may occur as a result of behaviours judged to be imprudent or against the safety rules in effect. It is therefore important, for one’s own safety as well as that of others, that each skier/snowboarder adopt a respectful behaviour toward other users on the slopes, and make sure they comply with the rules in force at the ski resort. The code of conduct also applies in the snow parks.

9 rules to respect on the mountain:

  1. Always remain in control.
  2. Give priority to persons ahead of you.
  3. Never remain immobile in the middle of the course. Leave this area free at all times.
  4. At intersections, give priority to people above you.
  5. Help rescuers whenever possible.
  6. Make sure you have adequate and properly fitting equipment.
  7. No drugs or alcohol.
  8. Obey the signage.
  9. Use caution in the ski lifts

Belle Neige strongly recommends to wear a protective helmet.