Val-Morin, QC

Seasonal Programs

Belle Neige snow school

Belle Neige is the ideal place to learn how to ski or snowboard in complete safety and, more importantly, while having loads of fun. Recognized for its teaching of toddlers, the academy offers a fun and formative learning framework. From the tender age of three, children are greeted by a team of 80 certified instructors who will, over the season, introduce them to the sport in a way that will make them love it for years to come!

For all tastes and skill levels

Whether you’re relatively new to the sport or seeking to perfect your technique, the Belle Neige snow school offers a range of programs customized to all ages, tastes and abilities. 5-week program: Takes place on Saturday, every second week, starting January 14th, 2017. Course fee includes 5 full-day tickets for the days when lesson takes place. 9-week program: Takes place on Saturday or Sunday, starting January 14th, 2017. You get a Saturday or Sunday pass valid from course 1 until the end of the season. Parents of students can also obtain a pass for the course day.

Special programs:

  • All-terrain: Helps young skiers develop their skills on the various terrains available on the mountain; undergrowth, snow park, mogul and racing. Youngsters work at improving their technique thanks to valuable tips and tricks provided by their instructor.
  • Mini-mogul and pre-intro: Initiation program to competition clubs (moguls or trails) over a period of 9 weeks. These programs are offered over a two-day period for 3 hours a day.
  • Aspiring instructor: Level-one preparation course. Allows students 13 years and older to perfect their technique, while learning how to teach a snow sport. Ultimately, this program enables students to meet the evaluation criteria of various ski/snowboard instructor alliances and thus become instructors.