Val-Morin, QC


Dress for the occasion

  • Protective helmet
  • Mittens or warm gloves; it’s important to properly cover your extremities;
  • Thermal or wool socks (cotton socks not recommended). Bring a spare pair of socks;
  • Warm underwear (avoid wearing jeans or cotton clothing under the ski pants);
  • It is preferable to wear several light layers of clothing rather than one very thick coat;
  • Opt for large snow pants that you can pull over your ski boots. It is recommended to have as little clothing as possible inside the boots for added comfort;
  • Avoid overly long scarves and clothing that might hinder your movement; you must be able to move freely.

On arrival at Belle Neige

  • Present yourself at the snow school counter located in the Main Lodge, at least 30 minutes before your lesson is scheduled to start.
  • If you need to rent equipment, arrive at least one hour before your lesson. You can collect your equipment at the ski shop.
  • Once ready, make your way to the designated snow school meeting point area located outside and marked by a big bell
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Learning to ski and to snowboard is mere child’s play!
To be properly equipped for your day on the slopes, you can consult the following PDF file to make sure you don’t forget anything.