Val-Morin, QC

Racing and moguls teams

Belle Neige Competition Club (CCBN)

The Belle Neige Competition Club offers training programs for skiers 6 years and older. A team of passionate and attentive qualified coaches work closely with the athletes to fine-tune their talent.

Programs consisting of 17 or 40 days of training are designed to meet different needs. These programs include pre-season training as well as a Christmas camp for athletes in the regular program.

Belle Neige Moguls Club (CBBN)

The Moguls Club offers training for skiers 7 years and older, on a two day basis. They will work with experienced and passionate coaches to develop their snow and aerial techniques. The club includes pre-season training and a Christmas camp.
Interesting fact, Belle Neige is a pioneering ski resort in freestyle skiing.

Do not forget to purchase your seasonal pass. Get a special price before April 30th. Registration fees include  the regular training, the Christmas camp (except for the lighter program) and the fall pre-season training camp. The costs of racing and fees payable to the DSL and ACCROSKI are not-included.

Download the detailed 2018-2019 competition program and the registration form in PDF format