Val-Morin, QC

Snow Park

The snow park, a mountain of adrenaline

Looking for an adrenaline rush? The Belle Neige snow park has plenty of challenges for skiers as well as snowboarders! The park offers a wide range of modules for all tastes, allowing thrill seekers to push back the limits, while having a great time with friends.

Belle Neige also has a Ski Cross and a Boarder Cross trail, consisting of a mixture of curves, moguls and speed sections designed to give adventurous skiers and snowboarders the thrill they are looking for.

This winter, the snow park will be featuring a number of exciting events that you won’t want to miss! Check our webpage for events details and dates.

Learning to use the snow park

The snow park has a specially prepared slope that includes different types of modules used to perform freestyle manoeuvres.

Before using the park, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and the signage and to respect those at all time while using the park. The different park modules are identified according to their size, so that skiers and snowboarders can assess their respective degree of difficulty.

  • Inverted aerial manoeuvres are prohibited in Quebec.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
  • Approach manoeuvres, such as speed, balance and position before take-off are critical for successfully completing the figure.
  • It’s important to always take into consideration the changing climatic conditions and to adapt both your slide and your speed accordingly.