Val-Morin, QC

The BLLNG Zone

The ‘no go’ zone for parents

This is YOUR exclusive zone! A great place to learn all about events, competitions, snow park news and promotions! That’s right : Belle Neige has reserved “La Zone’” for you and only you. It’s strictly off-limits to parents! Here, you can view the best snow park videos, relax after a great day on the mountain and enjoy good times with your friends. We even offer training workshops to fine-tune and perfect your skiing or snowboarding techniques. Anyway you look at it, winter has plenty in store for you when you’re in La Zone!

The BLLNG Snow Park

Several exciting modules and first-class facilities offer skiers loads of fun and plenty of challenges. We also set up a “Ski Cross” and “Boarder Cross “trail, a mix of curves, moguls and speed sections for thrill seekers.